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Senior pet assistance program  

More and more senior pets are being surrendered to shelters due to a number of reasons. Just think about how scary and stressful this is for the animal. They have been in a home for their entire life and now are in a strange place with a lot of noise and no one around that they know. Their immune systems are lower and they have a greater chance of getting sick in a shelter environment. They deserve to live out the rest of their lives in a loving home!

When you adopt a senior animal, however, you have to realize up front, that this can be costly whether now or down the road and you need to have the funds in your budget to take care of this special guy or gal.

We realize that even with the best of intentions, sometimes people unexpectedly fall on hard times. That is why Second Chances has implemented the Senior Pet Assistance Program for those that open up their hearts and home and adopt a senior pet from us.   If the pet you adopt has a chronic illness or needs surgery to extend their life and quality of life, and down the road you qualify as low income due to financial hardship, Second Chances will contribute up to $1,000 for related medical care.

Before submitting an application, please read the requirements below to make sure you are eligible for assistance in this program:

  • Must sign Consent to Release form to allow Second Chances to contact the veterinary clinic/hospital

  • Applicants must be income qualified and be willing to provide proof of income and/or proof of temporary financial hardship for all adults in household. Most recent tax return filed, most recent bank statements, social security income, if applicable, proof of any financial assistance if applicable (government or other)

  • Must agree to allow Second Chances to use photos of your pet to promote and raise funds for this program. Submit current picture of your pet with application

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