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Sometimes people with pets fall on difficult economic times, due to loss of a job or loss of income. The increased costs associated with their senior pets, unfortunately, become burdensome. Sometimes they are faced with the decision of euthanasia because they can’t afford a necessary surgery or procedure. They love their pets who have become a huge part of their heart but they don’t know what else to do.

Second Chances Animal Resources Inc., realizes how important the bond is between people and their pets, so that is why we want to help those individuals or families, contemplating euthanasia as their only option. We don’t want them to have the additional stress of losing their beloved friend.

The SOS Fund (Saving our Seniors) will provide a one-time gift of up to $1,000 for those that can demonstrate financial hardship and have a pet in need of an emergency surgery/procedure in order to extend the life and quality of life of their pet. Since this program will require substantial funding, we are starting out slow by to see where this takes us. As we get increased funding, we will expand with more veterinary clinics/hospitals as partners.

PARTNERS: Berkley Animal Clinic & All About Animals

The SOS Fund relies solely on donations; therefore, approval of your application will depend on whether funds are available. Before submitting an application, please read the requirements below to be eligible for assistance in this program:


  • Must be referred by one of our veterinarian partners

  • Pet must be at least six years old and in need of a life saving surgery/procedure

  • Applicants must be income qualified and be willing to provide proof of income and/or proof of temporary financial hardship for all adults in household. Most recent tax return filed, most recent bank statement, social security income, if applicable, proof of any financial assistance if applicable (government or other) if requested.

  • Applicants not on government assistance must have applied for Care Credit and provide declined letter with application

  • Must agree to allow Second Chances to use photos of your pet to promote and raise funds for this program. Although we would love to see pictures of you and your pet afterwards, we understand that you may not want to be in the pictures, so that is at your discretion (No personal information will be shared)

  • If available, provide a current picture of your pet (not one that depicts the illness or injury)

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