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Come back soon to see our adoptable animals!

If you are interested in one of our dogs or cats, please submit an application online or at one of our adoption events where the animal is available for you to meet and see if it he or she is a good fit for your situation!

As part of the process of finding forever homes for the dogs and cats of Second Chances, we try to make sure it is the best fit possible for both the animal and the adopters.

If you are not approved for the dog or cat you are hoping to adopt, please don't take it personally!  If we receive several applications, an application may have already been approved prior to you submitting your application or it may not be the right fit for this specific animal.  Each animal is assessed based on their individual needs.  Some may need to be the only animal in the household, some may need a fenced in yard, etc.  

If you are not approved for this animal but we think you could be a good fit for another, we will certainly let you know!


We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for your interest in adopting one of our rescued animals!

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