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COVID-19 assistance

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately led to job losses, furloughs and other economic issues for our country and our local communities. During these tough times, it's important for us to stand together and help each other out when we can.

Second Chances Animal Rescue Inc., realizes how important the bond is between people and their animals, so that is why we want to help those struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.


If you have been putting off routine wellness vet/shot visits and have been experiencing financial difficulties due to the loss of a job in your family, we want to help as long as we have the funds.


We have partnered with All About Animals at the Warren location to get your vaccinations, free, there, as long as you qualify for the program. .If so, we will contact them to let them know you qualify. 


Please feel free to fill out our application below.

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The COVID-19 Helping Hands Program relies solely on donations; therefore, approval of your application will depend on whether funds are available.

  • If available, please provide a current picture of your pet and let us know if you will allow Second Chances to share photos of your pet to promote and raise funds for this program. This is not mandatory and photos will only be shared at your consent.

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